DIY Exfoliant + at home Skin care tips for glowing Skin

by - Thursday, March 27, 2014


Make yourself a cup of green tea or just any other herb in a teabag .. drink it ...don't trash the teabag right away , you can use it as an exfoliator instead!!

grab your tea bag and wash it with cold water,you don't want to be burnt because it's too hot!

then, cut it and get all the herbs out of it, then put the herbs in a plate or a jar..etc (I highly recommend using peppermint and anise because they're softer than tea) ..

you can either use it now or you can add honey to it .. you also can use it as a mask and leave it for 3-5 mins and then rinse and exfoliate while rinsing(don't forget to exfoliate your lips as well) .. if you're going to use it as a mask,I highly recommend popping 1 fish oil pill and adding it to your mixture
.. fish oil can do wonders to your skin !

don't forget to use a cleanser afterward ... you don't wan to look greasy .
now it's time for toning , but you're not going to use your drugstore toner ... try using rose water instead at least once a weak for a glowing dewy skin!
just use a cotton pad and apply some rose water to your face and don't be afraid of applying it around your's all natural and has no side effects....

wait til it's dry and then use your moisturizer as usual ,
don't forget to use lip balm .. but if you don't have one , try using coconut oil on your lips for soft kissable lips!

now go to bed .. and wake up with a glowing soft skin without breaking the budget and thank me later

I Highly recommend watching this video for added details .. I filmed the entire process (the video's quality is awful I'm sorry I filmed with my phone)


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