Labello glamorous gloss review

by - Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm back with a product review this time it's going to be Labello Glamorous gloss .. I'm reviewing the two "pink sugar" and "natural"

I like the packaging so much it's so cute , it looks like a tooth paste tube that has a plastic transparent lid that when you open it you see a pointy applicator that has a little tiny opening in the middle so when you apply it on your lips you should roll it all over your lips while squeezing to get the desired amount , and it should give you the same application as the lipstick

I have to say that it's not so pigmented .. the "natural" one obviously doesn't have any color in it but the "pink sugar" one has a little bit of a rosy tint in it but I think this is not a negative thing about the gloss since it's not designed to give you a super pigmented gloss for a date night it's just something I'd wear for day to day bases or I can use it as a topping gloss

this gloss is not sticky but it's creamy you still can feel it sitting on your lips (the type of gloss I like)

eachy gloss in this collection has it's own special scent but it actually smells really good .. smells sweet but not sickly.

Is it long wear ?
Basically, it's not the type of  gloss that will stay on for 12 hours straight it's good for a picnic or a shopping trip you still need to reapply it from time to time

Overall thoughts
I think this gloss collection is pretty cool I loved the ones I tried and I liked that they are pretty moisturising and don't make your lips chapped like most lip glosses

so that's it about this review I hope you found it helpful,if you have tried this before then let me know how did you find it in the comments below 

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