Simple Skin Care Routine For Beginners

by - Sunday, April 27, 2014

First of all you need to make "skin health" your first priority order to get dewy and healthy skin follow these simple tips:
Exfoliate regularly
you need to exfoliate your skin regularly once a week for sensitive skin , twice a week for normal skin and about three times a week for Oily skin in order to get rid of damaged skin layer.
look for a natural exfoliating products that match your skin type or just exfoliate using oatmeal or green tea ....
you need to clean your face regularly as well.. not with harsh soap bars but with suitable cleansers .. look for ones for your skin type and cleanse only before bed  if you have oily skin and just rinse your face in the morning .. but if you have normal to sensitive skin then use the cleanser twice a day

Moisturize regularly
one of the biggest myths that most of us used to believe is that using facial oils and moisturizers on oily skin can make it even more oily .. but the truth is that oily skin need to be moisturized enough in order to stop producing excess oil .. make sure you use a moisturizer that is all natural and suitable for your skin type right after you cleanse and exfoliate.. also before bed to make sure you get the right nourishment ...
Before bed Skin care
when you sleep your skin works so hard to recover from it's damage .. try to help it by removing all your makeup and cleaning your face carefully before bed ..also make sure you moisturize right before bed in order to wake up with dewy and fresh skin


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