Beauty Cravings!! 5 products I'm dying to try..

by - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I'm back with another "Beauty Cravings" post .. see my previous one here 

and if you're new to my beauty cravings series it's basically a series where I collect the most loved products out there which are the products I've read/watched reviews on  and have been impressed !

Becca-one perfecting brush
so, this brush is AWESOME!! it blends really well .. I saw a couple of youtubers using it and I instantly fell in love with it .. no harsh lines after contouring and it actually can blend anything ! because it is literally designed to suit the "hollow of cheeks" who wouldn't want to have this masterpiece ?

Benefit's they're real push-up liner

well actually after watching Dulce candy's review on this product by benefit cosmetics I because so excited to try it , it's so intense and it's a gel liner pen!!! and the thing about this product is that there's no need to retouch it throughout the day plus,it's waterproof so it's not gonna smudge during the day or whatsoever,  but the only thing I don't like about this product is that it dries super fast (as dulce said in her review) so you can't just fix any mistake because it's hard to remove ..

em cosmetics contour & highlight stick
thissss product !! love at first sight .. it eases everything up .. it's like you're contouring and highlighting with a crayon and it's so specific .. I didn't dig around this products that much but as I mentioned it's like love at first sight.. if any of you guys tried this awesome product let me know how did you find it in the comments below

NYX cosmetics curved liner "the curve"

the first time I saw this product is in Bethany Mota's favorites video I don't exactly know which one but it was long time ago,since then I've been reading review on this product and so many ladies said that despite it's weird shape it's really easy to apply and can give you that dream winged line easily, well, I'd want that ..

so,that's it for this post I hope you guys liked it and if any of you have tried any of these "wanted" products please comment down below , don't forget to drop by next week for the next "beauty cravings" post ...

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