"Classic Polka dots" nail tutorial for beginners with pictures

by - Thursday, June 19, 2014

I have to say that I'm not the best at "nail art" so I'm still learning and I call myself a beginner , and of course every beginner should try out the "classic polka dots" nails  because it's so simple and easy to do ... check out the picture above and I'll move on to the extra details ;)

Start off  by painting your nails with the base color something a little lighter than the color you'll be using for the dots , here I'm using a simple white nail polish , I do recommend applying a base coat and then leave it dry then applying two coats of the white nail polish

Now grab an old bobby pin (not necessarily old lol) and separate it's two sides

now dip only one side of the bobby pin "the round-ended one" in the desired nail polish bottle , here I'm using a very dark burgundy color which looks slightly blue due to the effect Oops!

Carefully start dotting some spots on each nail ... you don't need to have equal number of dots on each nail or even equal size so don't stress about it and just have fun doing it !

be patient and leave them to dry and NEVER apply the top coat unless your nails are completely dry or else the dots will smudge and you'll have to clean your nails with white nail polish and trust me it's not a fun thing to do so be patient !

So, this is the final result , not perfect but good for a beginner like me >.>
thanks for spending your time here ..
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