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by - Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's been a while since the last post .. but I was kind of busy and now I'm back with a new type of post on my blog which is "follow me around shopping" where I go to different stores and capture the most interesting items that caught me eyes there,and it may be accompanied by another post which will include the haul


Parfois is a very awesome store if you ask me, it has a lot of really pretty statement necklaces and colorful wallets

 Plus,it has these awesome beach themed bags and I found a luggage that looks the same as this bag in the photo ..

        it also has colorful scarves and super pretty accessories.. 

H&M is one of my favorite stores I love it's accessories and sweaters .. I saw yesterday a banana sweater and another cats sweater.. what can be better than that ? haha

The body shop

 when I went there yesterday,I found that they have a new "lipstick collection" as they claim, I wanted to give it a try ,the lipstick packaging looks awful and I didn't even have the chance to know the name of the collection .. but I found that I can try the lipsticks so I did swatch them on my hand

hmm.. they were creamy but superrr shimmery I could see the shimmer/glitter but you can't see it clearly in this picture :/ then I wanted to test whether it stays on or not but when I rubbed it it faded so quickly O.o this made me curious about the price and I knew that only one lipstick retails for 100 EGP ... for this quality I just wanted to hit the employee right in the face instead I walked away slowly :P

Center point 
I love visiting centerpiont from time to time it has everything from makeup and jewelry to furniture and clothing.. 

I want one of these Y_Y

Oops .. It's me in the mirror !

 I found this awesome storage thingy and thought that it'll be so handy when it comes to storing makeup

I tried Rimmel London's Foundation the one with the blue lid , I swatched it on the back of my hand and blended it in , and found that it suits me perfectly plus, it has no shimmer at all .. but I forgot to check the name , if any of you guys know it's name please let me know in the comments down below


It's me again in an antique mirror ! ha ha

Funky Fish


 Look what I found !!!

A little snack never hurts  ;)

Other snacks

Nelson's Corn in a cup !!

BR caramel flavour <3

A peek of what I was wearing

that's it for this post I hope you found this shopping trip fun/helpful comment down below which item caught your eyes the most ;)


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