Mistakes you make that cause Oily skin

by - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oily skin seems to be one of the most annoying skin problems for most girls .. so we do our best to get rid of excess oil and look our best , but we sometimes do things to our skin that makes the situation even worse ! 

Over cleansing
girls with oily skin tend to cleanse their face too much ,they think that cleaning their face so many times throughout the day will make the oil fade away .. well you are almost right about it .. over cleansing DOES remove oil from your skin  but that DOESN'T  mean that your skin is now not oily , well basically your skin will change from Oily to Dry and will start releasing more oils to compensate the natural oils lost as a result of "over cleansing"...
and you're there like, what is over cleansing? over cleansing is cleaning your face more than 2-3 times a day with harsh cleansers or even regular ones

Not cleansing enough
moving on to the complete opposite ... some girls think that leaving your face without cleansing for a while will make your face stop releasing oil ... nah nah nah gurl, this will make your skin collect oils in a  form of pimples! making it even worse and now your skin is more stubborn to be cleaned ..
who would want that ? instead I recommend cleaning your face once you get up and before bed,see me full beginners skin care routine here 

Not Exfoliating regularly

exfoliating your skin every once in a while does count ! it's a very important step in treating your oily skin..but since you already have oily skin you need to exfoliate 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin and excess oil , see how I exfoliate my skin naturally at home in 1 min here

The fear of moiturisers !!
Most girls with oily skin have that fear of moiturisers ! they think that moisturisers will make their  skin even more oily , even my sister does think so ! I keep telling her that not moisturising your skin regularly or at least after cleansing will deprive your skin from the moisture it needs and will cause it to release more OILS again to compensate the moisture ...

Above all, pamper yourself..
your skin gets tired from all the mistreatment you do to it and all the makeup and harmful sun rays and more! so make sure you treat it right an start scheduling a PAMPER DAY! and apply a mask from time to time , masks shouldn't be expensive to be effective, see my DIY facial treatment here

so there you have it , I hope you found this helpful and if you have any questions please ask away and thanks for being here 

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