Simple beginners' nail art tutorial for short nails "disney inspired"

by - Thursday, June 19, 2014

two nail art posts in a row ! well, you know that quote that says "practice makes progress" ? I've been adhered to it ever since I read it , I'm not good at nail art TBH..not only because my nails are too short to be painted on but also because I haven't been practicing enough !

first, see yesterday's "nail art" post here  then check out the collage above and as usual let's move onto details !

First, excuse the ghost hand in the first picture >.> the camera didn't want to focus I don't know why but anyways in the right hand I painted all my nails red except the ring finger I painted it very dark burgundy color that actually looks black as for my left hand I painted all my nails red except my middle finger I painted it with the burgundy color as well ( side note,I did try to let my nails grow but my precious middle finger nail was broken so I had to clip all my finger nails to be the same "annoying" length :(

then,I grabbed a bobby pin then separated the two sides away from each other

again, the camera didn't focus but, now dip the round tip of the bobby pin in the dark nail polish and start drawing, I did a couple of polka dots and stripes with the bobby pin , TBH I didn't like the stripes in the little finger so much but they are good for a beginner who did them with a bobby pin tip 
this is how it looked like when I finished *hides under bed* not the best but still practicing *rolling eyes* 
Top coat time !! leave your nails to dry then apply a top coat on each nail annnnnd you're done !!!

thanks for reading, I hope you find this helpful and if you have tried nail art send me your photos with the hashtag #makeupforlunch and I'll be sure to check them,I'll be practicing more for sure but now I need to go ;)

nail art

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  1. IF I bite my nails then can I still do that

    1. Sure. Just file them before your manicure for an even edge ;)