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by - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Today I bring back the classic "beauty cravings" series and I have here 5 awesome products that (I think) should be in every makeup bag ! see the last post here .

1- The first product I have here is the Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand palettes ... I read a couple reviews on this collection but the most attractive thing about the collection has to be these palettes , the first one has a lot of shimmery pastel colors which are great for summertime and I can also swipe them on the lower lash-line to make the eyes pop or to make any smokey eye look stand out and the second one has all the essential warm colors
some bloggers say that the colors are not so vibrant and are not so pigmented but I think it's because it's a summer/beach collection so the colors have to be light ? I don't know.
but when it comes to the price , I have to say that it's pricey ($65.00) plus, the whole collection is limited ! I know it'll always stay in my memory and it will always be a wish hahah

2- The second one is "YSL Eye Couture palette in no.4" which is another pricey warm toned palette ($60.00)  ... I have to say that the YSL eye couture collection is awesome, when you look at the colors together you instantly get inspired to do different smokey eye looks..

3- You guys already guessed it from the last post  it's "Maybelline baby lips crystal" collection .. I love baby lips in general and this collection added a beautiful shimmery twist to baby lips , some girls are afraid to try it because of the obvious shimmer but I watched a couple a reviews on it on youtube and found that once you have it on the shimmer will not be so obvious,just a little sheen !

4- Can we have a moment of silence for this AWESOME product .. the first time I saw this product was in Crisspy's candy girl makeup tutorial when she created a colorless wing and then added some eyeshadow on it and it magically created a perfect eyeshadow wing ! it's the " Jesses's girl eyeshadow transformer" I have no idea how much does it cost but I just need this in my life !

5- Last but not least "MAC The simpsons blush" not sure about the name but I just love this blush from the new MAC The Simpsons collection .. it has the perfect cool toned shade which would be perfect with a red lip since it's not too warm .

That's everything for this post, did you try any of these products ? I'd love to read your thoughts below , @makeupforlunch 

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