Women Facial Shaving experience (Myths and facts)

by - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There is a big hype about facial razors and face shaving for women .. some say the hair will grow faster and others say it'll grow thicker and darker , but I say completely different things .. based on my own experience

I've been shaving my face with regular double blades razor for sensitive skin it has a moisture strip packed with Aloe vera , truth is I use the regular razor for my face I don't get the difference between the facial razor and the regular body razor regardless to the size of the razor

I'll be discussing the most asked questions about facial shaving for women down below in case you are wondering

1- the hair doesn't grow faster at all ..
 it takes time to grow back , and when it grows back it's the same thickness and color as it was before the shave , so don't worry about it

2- I shave in the direction of hair growth after moisturizing
 my face with a regular moisturizer and it doesn't cause any skin irritation then I go back in the opposite direction and I'm good to go

3- I shave the upper lip
and it feels super smooth every time and the hair doesn't grow back thicker at all.. I used to use the epilator for the upper lip area but it was painful and caused redness and irritation plus, the hair grows back so fast.

4- My face Feels super smooth and Dewy
after I shave my face and remove peach fuzz .. my face starts reflecting light because it became super smooth and soft

5- Foundation and face makeup stays on
better on my shaved face .. obviously because there is no more  peach fuzz !

6- your skin will be sensitive
just make sure you use the right razor and don't use any harsh cleansers 

feel free to ask any question down below I'll be answering ASAP



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