Lipojen Collagen lip plumper review and swatches

by - Friday, July 11, 2014

I wanted to do a review on this product ever since I got it , I was sent it as a gift just to try it so I don't know how much it retails for .
It's simply a lipgloss that has UV protection and it's supposed to make your lips firmer,softer,plumper and younger looking it also says on the packaging that it improves moisture , reduces dry flakes, helps enhance the volume of your lips and improves lip contour ..

It's pretty obvious that it contains Collagen which is pretty much the main ingredient for plumping the lips , it's also written on the packaging that it has no side effects!

Moving on to the packaging and how the product looks like

I don't use this product to be honest but my sister does, she says that it gives her moisture and that's the only thing she likes about the product .
My sister uses acne medication which makes her lips chapped and dry and she says that this lip gloss gives her the moisture she needs.

About the consistency, it's pretty creamy and a bit sticky it's also pretty shimmery and a little pigmented ...
nooo don't ask me about the scent because it disappointed me so much , I thought that it'll smell like something sweet but it smells absolutely awful , I just tried it for the review and I wiped it off immediately , I couldn't stand the smell.
When it comes to the most important part which is plumping the lips, I have to say that my sister doesn't use it regularly and she didn't notice any change to her lip volume ,
who knows , her lips may get plumped when she finishes the whole product..

Have you guys tried this product ? if so, does anybody like it ? or does it really plump the lips ? let me know down below


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  1. Love the review! Any idea where I can get my hands on these? :/

  2. Thanks for nice blog... Keep posting..

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