Makeup inspiration: Korean

by - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cheon Song Yi looked perfect in the Korean Drama "My love from another star", watching this drama made me notice some points about Korean makeup which made me fall in love with it even more 

1- The Main Focus is on the Lips and barely there eye-makeup
in every scene , every female character  had bold lips (hot pink, orange , and even red) and they played it cool when it came to the eyes.. just a "barely there" eyeliner which was super close to the upper lash-line and not winged out .
 when Cheon song Yi went to her friend's wedding I expected a dramatic smokey eye or so but I found that they followed the same rule and focused on the lips even in weddings.. a red lip and barely there eye makeup and she was good to go.

2- Flawless face
Cheon Song Yi's flawless matte finish was one of the many things that caught my eyes while watching the drama.. her  foundation was not cakey but also gave her  full coverage and matte finish ...
no blush , no contour , just a fresh baby face ^3^

3- Straight innocent-looking brows
I have to admit that her brows were perfect .. not dramatic and bold .. no arch, let's say she just filled them with a brow pen with light feathery strokes and set them with a brow gel ..

4- Juicy Gradient lips

If you looked at Yoo Se-mi 's lips in the drama you might have noticed that the color is concentrated at the middle area of her lips , and is blended outwards .. it was topped with a little bit of a lip gloss just on the lower lip .

I've been trying out all the above as an "everyday makeup look" and I've been loving it!
and by the way , the drama is awesome ... watch it if you haven't already ;)


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