Maybelline Baby lips Crystal !!

by - Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hi everyone, It's been a very long time since the last post was published but I'm really sorry I've been a little busy lately ...
Today Maybelline facebook page published this photo and I couldn't stop myself from sharing my thoughts about it , I haven't tried the "baby lips crystal collection" yet but I watched reviews on this collection on youtube just to see the swatches because to be honest I am not so comfortable around shimmer but when I watched a couple of reviews I noticed that :

1- The product has noticeable glitter/shimmer particles on it but once it's on your lips it's not as noticeable and not as shimmery it's applied really smooth and nice and it has a little sheen to it .

2-Even though it has glitter particles in it ,it doesn't dry out your lips throughout the day (which was my biggest concern )

3- No one is pretty sure whether it's a limited edition or not , so better hurry up.

4- the collection has 6 pretty shades which are found to be super close to the regular maybelline baby lips shades but with a twist of shimmer ..

5- I really need this in my life haha .

let me know your thoughts about this new collection in the comments below .. have you tried it yet ?


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