Simple Three Products Everyday Eye Makeup

by - Wednesday, July 30, 2014

There are some days when we are just Chilling at home basically doing nothing .. but to be honest I like to swipe a product or two on my lids just to fancy the look up a little bit .. and here I'm sharing a simple everyday eye makeup using only three products , it gives me an effortless yet gorgeous look during the day

Pick up an eyeshadow that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone and start swiping it right on the lid and underneath your brows for a highlight

Now pick up a transition colour and apply it right on the crease .. here I'm using a creamy brown liner .. Swipe it on the crease and with your ring finger start blending it in and if you messed the eyeshadow on the lid just re-apply it

Then Pick up your Favorite liquid liner and draw a cat eye .. and that's everything you can apply mascara / curl your lashes/ put on some falsies / Fill in your brows but I prefer to stop here because I'm just staying inside chilling and writing some blog posts lol

And here's the final look

Thank you so much for reading tell me down below if you'll try this look and tell me what is your "Chilling" Makeup look



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