Back to school skin care tips

by - Sunday, August 10, 2014

Right after I finished writing that post on back to school tips I felt inspired to write this one because with all the school stress and staying up late our skin suffers really bad so here I'll share with you some tips that I find helpful to maintain a beautiful skin during school

Less is more

when it comes to skin care products you need to know that less is more .. don't buy so many products because your skin will suffer from chemicals .. all you need is a cleanser and a good moisturiser and you are good to go .. oh and also don't forget the lip balm ( see how to make your own here)


you don't need that extra layer of dead skin cells , do you ? but you also don't want to buy a chemical exfoliator and hurt your skin .. there are soooo many natural ways to exfoliate your skin at home using everyday kitchen stuff and there are no chances that they will hurt your skin .. like exfoliating your skin using green tea (click  here to know how) or with a baby soft brush and cleanser(click here to see how I do it) at least once a week

Please, don't wear foundation to school

If you can't go outside of the house with zero makeup on your face , then at least don't cover your face in foundation .. it's just not right , you're supposed to go to school let your skin breathe and don't clog it

Wear sunscreen

apply it fifteen minutes before you go outside for best results but that's not everything .. you need to touch up during the day because it won't last forever so put it in your bag and reapply when needed

Carry skin care essentials to school

make sure you have your moisturiser in your bag , some wipes and makeup remover .. and never forget your lip balm

Make a day for skin care
During school we might stop caring about how our skin looks like .. but what about a skin care day every week ? what about Friday ? put on some natural mask ( click here to know how to prepare your skin for a mask + DIY mask) and take a relaxing bath because why not ?

Don't stress and sleep well
Last but not least ... Stress will make you feel the worst and therefore your skin will look bad .. so don't stress and finish everything in time .. also sleeping rebuilds your skin cells and prevent dark circles so, sleep at least five hours every night.

That's everything I have for you , please take care of your skin during school and don't neglect it .. have a smooth school year and good luck



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