Back to school tips

by - Sunday, August 10, 2014

Those days of staying up late (either studying or rebeling and texting friends) are back .. and whether you accept it or not you'll wake up super early in the morning and drag yourself out of your bed for Math class T_T so these tips might come in handy during school days especially the first days and as I'm writing them I'm kind of reminding myself  as well because I'm a student myself ..
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Stop complaining

complaining will get you nowhere and I'm so guilty of this , when I feel the back to school season is about to be upon us I start complaining to my older sister and guess what ? this doesn't change anything about the fact that we will go back to school in no time , it just frustrates me and makes me unready for school.

Start waking up early a week before school

before school even starts , you should wake up at the same time you would wake up if you have school , this will make you ready for waking up early on school days simply because nothing changed :)

Take it seriously

We all be like "it's still the first day of school who cares about studying anyways" and we start texting or just chilling but we don't realize that we are wasting precious time and that we will pay for it in exams ..

Breakfast is important

Whether you like it or not you have to eat something (healthy) in the morning before school and fill that stomach or it will growl later in class and you'll be too tired to even look at the teacher 

You need to sleep

I know everyone is saying this but it's for a reason .. sleeping will help you refill your energy for the next morning so please sleep for at least five hours at NIGHT okay ? so don't stay up too late watching videos or reading blogs .. (I feel like I'm guilty of all of this )

Your skin needs your help

let's say you study really hard and put effort in everything you do during school and stay up late working on your homework , your skin will suffer especially if you wear makeup to school , so please maintain your skin care routine and don't be lazy to put on some moisturiser and a mask every once in a while

Prepare your outfit a day before

whether you need to wear uniform or any outfit of your choice you need to prepare it make sure it's put together , clean and ironed .

Get new supplies

new school supplies keep you excited and put you in the mood for studying so go buy some 

Stay organized
I would like to empathise this point because it makes everything better .. get dossiers and files .. make a file for each class and put all the related papers in it  .. label the files and that's it .. also make sure you put everything in a place you'd remember later , because you will need everything later when you have an exam or a quiz ... also make sure you buy a planner and write down a to-do list for each day

Don't chill after getting back from school

because a quick nap usually turns into long hours of sleep and checking twitter means staying up till 
2 am on the laptop , don't do it .. when you get back from school  have a phone free snack and go back to your desk .. finish your homework and congratulations , you have the rest of the day to chill YAY~

those are the tips I have for you (and for me lol) I hope you find them helpful, have a smooth school year and good luck.



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