Beauty shopping haul (makeup,floral shoes, nail polish, brushes)

by - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey babes , if you follow me on instagram/twitter then you already know that I went shopping for beauty supplies .. so here I'm showing you the stuff that I got I'm so excited .

let's start with the only non beauty item which is these pretty floral feminine shoes .. I absolutely love them they are just gorgeous .. well they are pretty big but I might go exchange them with a smaller size but this doesn't make them less pretty , right ?

I'm so happy to add this baby to my brushes collection (which is not so big) this brush is awesome for applying concealer / foundation / contouring and pretty much everything .. the bristles are so soft and it looks simple I love it .


Welcome this handy thing .. it's a duo brush that has a firm smudge brush perfect for applying eyeshadow on the lower lash line or smudging eyeliner pencil and the other end has a fluffy teeny tiny brush which I'm not sure what it's supposed to do but I can use it to highlight the brow bone and the inner tear duct ..

I've been looking for a deep blue eyeliner pencil that is creamy but not messy also a little bit shiny and it seems like I found it today ... I'm planning on filming a makeup tutorial using it and it should be up anytime on my channel so stay tuned ;)

Moving on to my all time obsession .. nail polish , no matter how many bottles I own , I'm always missing a shade .. like this one , I've been looking for a mint green nail polish for so long , I wanted it to be vibrant as well , and here it is .. sitting on my nails now  Wooo
that's everything I got today it was such a productive shopping experience I also got some little fine necklace but was so lazy to take off and capture hahah .. I think I need to go to bed now, please follow me on twitter/instagram for more frequent updates also subscribe to my channel .. thanks for reading


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