Chamonix ( essentials collection) Jeunesse eye cream - instant wrinkle treatment review

by - Friday, August 22, 2014


Today I'm reviewing Jeunesse eye cream

I normally use this eye cream at night right before bed .. and sometimes when I wake up in the morning after I wash my face ..

The eye area is so delicate and it needs special care .. not just any moisturizer will do the job as many people think , that's why I try to experiment with different eye creams to find the one that is perfect for me ..

this one actually freshens the eye area so much , when I apply it on .. I actually message the entire eye area and not just the under eye  area , I feel like there is cold water on my eyes it feels so good, I'm not sure if it reduces dark circles but when I wake up in the morning my eyes look fresh and awake whenever I apply it the night before .

It claims that it's an instant wrinkle treatment , I don't have "wrinkles" around my eyes I just have some fine lines that we all have so I'm not a trustworthy source when it comes to this part , but my mom used it too .. not for too long when she realized that it did nothing to her wrinkles .. maybe because she didn't use it that often but it claims that it is "instant" I know it sounds ridiculous to expect wrinkles to vanish suddenly but she said that it did literally nothing to her wrinkles .. maybe it's just here ..

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