DIY: Braided Bracelets with and without chain

by - Monday, August 11, 2014

Hi everyone , today I have a DIY project on how to make braided bracelets , I have two types of bracelets one with a chain and another without and both of them are so easy to make.. you can read the nail tutorial here  so let's get started.

For the first bracelet you need three threads different in color .. start duplicating the thread to thicken it as in the picture

After you've done that .. tie the three threads together and cut the excess

Then start braiding 

Now tie the ends together and that's it .. congratulations on your new bracelet

Let's move on to the one with the chain,
you'll need

a chain ( I got mine from an old bracelet but you can get one from any craft store) and a lobster clasp ( I have a jumbo one) you also need threads , you can use as many colors as you can , I'm going to use a hot pink and blue ones.

Connect the clasp to the last ring in the chain 

To secure the chain clip the clasp on the edge of a notebook and start working

Now tie the threads to the other end of the chain and cut the excess

Now duplicate the threads to thicken them and tie the ends together

Start passing the thread through the chain until you get something like the picture above , now start braiding

That's everything , now you should have two beautiful braided bracelets ;)

I hope you guys found this helpful , thanks for reading.


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