DIY: four homemade Lip scrubs for soft kissable lips

by - Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hey babes today I have DIY beauty projects for you guys ..
they are so easy and all the ingredients are in our kitchen .
Brown sugar and honey
Grab some bowl or container and mix some brown sugar with honey and start rubbing your lips with the mixture and you'll get the softest lips ever..
Damp herbs (green tea)
make yourself a cup of ( green tea/peppermint / anise) and take the bag and squeeze the water out of it then take what's inside it and start scrubbing your lips .. you can also mix the herbs with some honey if you want.
Ground cinnamon and Vaseline
with a stick .. scoop out some Vaseline in a container and mix it with some Cinnamon and start gliding it on your lips .. it will burn for sometime put it's going to give you soft and pink lips ..
Toothbrush and damp oatmeal
grab some damp oatmeal and put it on clean warm damp toothbrush bristles and start exfoliating your lips ..
those are the lip scrubs I use , if you have other scrubs you use leave them in the comments below ;)bea
uty DIY


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