Don't blame the "Superficial" industries

by - Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today I have a different kind of article to discuss with you guys , I normally don't discuss those types of articles on MakeupForLunch .. But I kinda thought that this issue is widespread and it's getting on my nerves ..

Makeup and fashion industries are considered superficial and unnecessary things .. no? well, when you ask two girls what their jobs are , one answers " a lawyer" and another answers " A Fashion blogger" which girl seems more "intelligent" and which one sounds "superficial" to you ?

let's assume that both of them followed their passion and both of them perused their dreams .. Why do most people respect lawyers/doctors/teachers more than fashion bloggers/stylists/models/makeup artists and actually consider the other  side superficial? When actually both of them did the same thing .. they just followed their passion .

I mean, Life is too short to follow the same path that most people follow for that extra respect when you actually don't want to live that way ..

What I hate the most is when people blame makeup & beauty products companies for lowering girls' self-esteem .. FALSE

I admit that most brands use airbrushed and perfect looking models to sell their products but it depends on how you look at it .

 Truth is, most girls use those products because they simply like using them .. they have a passion for makeup and they think that it adds that extra glam that puts a smile on their faces and makes them stand out .

I'm a type of a girl that is OBSESSED with makeup and beauty products but 80% of the time I got out with bare face .. just a moisturizer that has SPF and it's not even tinted and I don't mind it , I actually enjoy it .

The thing is , I consider makeup a different form of art ... I consider clothes and accessories as little things that bring happiness and color to our lives and that's it .

Those little things that most people forget about , I want to remember them .. I want to follow my passion and my dreams even if they are considered "Superficial" or "stupid girls' stuff"  because I know deep down in my heart that they are not ...

Because no matter how your skin looks like no matter what your body shape is .. you are beautiful .. so don't blame those brands because you are the one who should be blamed , because you didn't believe that you are super pretty without any of those products .

Well, I'm not saying that those companies that use "photoshopped" and "airbrushed" models can get away with it .. It's not okay to restrict beauty in this shape they created to sell products but I'm also saying that you must be hundred percent sure that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ... oh and those models are beautiful too that's it , we should respect one another

All I need to say here is don't blame others for your own beliefs and respect others' choices .. also , follow your dreams and never listen to those who try to make you feel hesitant and unsure of what you're doing ;)

What do you think about it ? leave a comment below and let's discuss it together ..


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  1. Agreed! Although I feel as some people are emotional and mentally stronger than others.

    1. I know , right ? one should feel beautiful no matter what's going around them :)

  2. I always feel like anything what's going around in olnly around, not inside me, so if it's not that important to be inside me and my toughts it's not that important to hurt me, it always help's me, maybe this touht can help someone alse to stay strong.

    1. Everyone of us is strong :))
      We only need to look for the strength hidden inside us