ego Sun sense SPF 50+ sunscreens and QV cream

by - Monday, August 18, 2014

Oh Hey babes ✌, I have another review for you .. it seems like I've been really into reviews lately .. I have three different sunscreens from " ego " brand and I also have their moisturizer for sensitive skin " QV cream"

well, let's talk about the sunscreens first , I was sent these sunscreens and I don't know if this is the sample size or the normal one .. but they have three different tubes , they all are under the label " Sun sense sunscreen" but they have three different branches:

"Daily face - invisible tint"

- it's SPF 50+ all of them are SPF 50 but the difference is in the finish and texture

- Matt formula : when you spread it all over your face it gives you  some color and shine but when you let it set it is just fine and you can't even feel it on your face because the formula is very light and liquidy and don't worry about the tint this one is not strongly tinted it's just not white unlike most sunscreens out there which is good to me ..

- it's also written that it's oil free which is perfect for me because I have Oily combo skin .. but the down side of this sunscreen is that it's not water resistant .. it would be so cool cause it gets scorching hot here where I live and anything on your face can melt , and you can look like a grease ball .. so I recommend using it on the colder days , these days I use Laroche-Posay water resistant sunscreen you can read my review on it

- The yellow one is called " Face tint " : this one is actually tinted so it's tint is quite stronger that the one above that has an invisible tint .. it's also oil free based as well and it's quite moisturizing so you don't need to wear a moisturizer with it .

- The orange one is called " Ultra : for the family" and it's also labeled " very high protection" and is also written on the tube that it is " four hours water resistant " which is perfect for the beach or the pool .

it's written on all of them that they are made and tested in Australia and that they protect your skin from UVA & UVB rays ...

Moving on to the moisturizer it's called " QV cream : replenishes dry skin" well I have Oily Combo skin but I always moisturize as I tend to get some dry patches especially in the cold weather .. the formula is quite thick but light and is easily absorbed it's so moisturizing to be honest and it is not scented .. it's written on the back of the tube that it's suitable for infants and elderly and that it helps relieve dry skin and is suitable for use with eczema , dermatitis and psoriasis .. it also recommended to use it after shaving / showering /exposure to harsh chemicals and at night ..

I don't use it that often but when I feel that my skin is getting dry patches I use the spot application and it helps moisturizing my skin really well so if you have dry skin this is the product for you .

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