Laroche-Posay lightweight sunscreen review

by - Monday, August 18, 2014


Hey babes ✌, I'm back with a product review .. I was lucky enough to be sent this package of tiny identical Laroche-Posay sunscreen tubes..

The company is actually French so most of the info on the tube is written in French .. but it says that it's SPF 50+ and it's also :
- non perfumed : it's scent is not that strong .. barely there
- Water resistant : it's actually pretty hard to remove with water only
- Made in France : which is pretty obvious lol

So, squeeze that tube and spread some on to test it out ..

The formula is liquidy so be careful it can get quite messy .. but it's too lightweight and unlike most sunscreens out there it doesn't give you that heavy feeling so it's quite good for layering on some foundation / concealer / powder...

It's also too white so make sure you don't apply too much if you are going to go out with it alone ... also it's quite not drying but I recommend mixing some moisturizer with it

It also gives you that dewy glowing finish but not in an oily way ... I recommend wearing it to school as it's water resistant ( therefore it won't glide off by sweat on hot days)

I've always been looking for such a lightweight sunscreen for too long .. little did I know , it was sent to me for no reason haha :D

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