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by - Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hey babes .. I'm back with a new post but this time it's not about beauty tips or makeup tutorial .. it's about how everything is going with me lately ..

You can pretty much say that I can't imagine myself doing something else other than beauty/fashion blogging , I've been asking myself what else do I like to do but there was no answer ..

I'm so passionate about the beauty community online and how bloggers all over the world  bond together and share tips and fun moments together .. I always wanted to be a part of it .. so I decided to create a youtube channel to  share beauty tips and makeup tutorials online and just life in general..

I've been taking baby steps , I remember how this blog looked like and how it was when it first started but now I'm so proud of myself to take such a big step towards the beauty world ..

I've always had the idea of creating a youtube channel but was stopping myself from doing it just because I don't have the right equipment and lightings but I just didn't think much about it .. I just threw myself into it and I'm willing to improve taking baby steps like what I did with this blog, I'll always improve and the best equipment is being myself and as long as I'm myself , my channel will be original and unique ..

even if no one is watching I'll work hard .. it's what I'm passionate about, no one can stop me ... I'll keep blogging and vlogging about my passion , that's how my life is like , lately .

Oh and not to mention my lovely school -_- I'm not back to school yet but I'll try to keep up with the blog and channel no matter what ..

I've been trying to upload everyday .. that's why I got a decent collection of videos in no time please check it out and show some support and love 

You can find it here

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