Night time Skin Care Routine + mini Jergens review

by - Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hey babes ~ It's bed time and my skin needs some care .. but sometimes we use a ton of products and our skin still doesn't respond .. it even can respond negatively ..

but that might be the problem .. the problem can be that we tend to use so many products but the truth is when it comes to skin care .. less is more.

Here I'm sharing with you my own night time skin care routine ..
I like to exfoliate using either the toothbrush method or the green tea method two to three times a week .. then I use a gentle cleanser ..

I apply some eye cream before applying the moisturizer .. because the eye cream formula is much thinner .. I'm currently using chamonix eye cream .. it freshens up my eyes but I'm not sure if it does anything to the fine lines to be honest

Now it's time to restore the moisture by applying some gentle and natural moisturizer .. I normally use Jergens .. I've been using it for years and it has been giving me the moisture I need throughout the day .. my favorite ones are ( Musk & Age defying & Aloe) those are the ones I tried and liked .. it's so moisturizing and the good part is that it's for all skin types

And the most important part is hydrating .. sometimes water can get a little boring .. and that's how I met my current soul mate hahah .. it's green tea .. I usually drink it twice a day one huge cup in the morning and one right before bed to hydrate my skin .. green tea does wonders to your skin trust me .. I rarely get a severe  skin issue (not sure if it's green tea but it probably is ) 

Moving on to the lips ... it's really important to moisturize your lips before bed , I made this lip balm myself really easily it's so moisturizing and hydrating .. see how to make one here



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