Quick daytime smokey eye tutorial

by - Saturday, August 02, 2014

Smokey eye during the daytime is quite challenging especially if you're going to use dark colors like grey/black .. but here I just used two eyeshadow colors to soften each other for a polished, daytime appropriate smokey eye..

1- grab an eyeshadow that is 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone and highlight underneath your brows (your brow bone) you can also use a concealer

2- next, pick up a warm toned pink eyeshadow color and with a fluffy brush start puffing it into the crease and then blend back and forth

3- then apply some dark grey color right on the lid ... I used a shade that has slight of a sheen to it

4-line the lower lashline with a shimmery silver eye pencil (you can also use white) to brighten up the inner corner of your eyes and the tear duct just don't mess up the outer corner 

5- with a black eye pencil start lining your upper lashline super close to the lashes and also apply some to the outer corner of the waterline

6- curl your lashes (optional) and apply some mascara on the upper and the lower lashes

and that's everything, thanks for reading , comment if you liked it =)


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