Ruby rose deluxe makeup kit review and swatches

by - Monday, September 01, 2014

Hey babes, Today I went shopping with my sister and I got this palette and a couple of other things I'll mention in my next video ..

It's The "Ruby Rose Deluxe Makeup Kit" I personally find palettes super inspiring much more than eyeshadow compacts ... just because you look at the colors arranged together and you instantly get inspired for the next look ..

This palette is also a perfect start for beginners .. it has all the "basic" colors and also some pops of color .. not the mention that this palette comes with two layers .. the lower layer has face products like a bronzer , a light pink blush and a coral blush which is perfect for almost every skin tone.

This palette offers you a variety of colors .. some basic neutrals and highlights also the brown hues you need in your life plus this must have colors like purples/pinks/blues with different shades to satisfy that complaining makeup girl inside everyone ..

It also comes with two double ended taper brush/sponge whatever you call it haha, It also comes with a mini fluffy brush and a makeup sponge ..

The funny part is when I saw that makeup sponge in the palette and thought that it was some sort of powder lol .. also that brown brush is actually white but it's dirty because I was practicing for the next makeup tutorial..

Here are some swatches .. the colors are pretty pigmented and some of them are matte .. but luckily the bronzer and the blushes are completely matte.. the second picture has the blushes swatches and the last one has the most loved neutrals and browns .. Fall will be here in no time so YAY 

It also looks pretty neat from the outside and is so easy to open .. some palettes requires serious struggle to be opened when you first get it..

So there you have it .. this palette made it to my August favorites ( I bought it on the last night in August so it was technically August)  I hope you guys enjoyed this post .. tell me in the comments how do you feel about the fact that summer is over and Fall is finally coming ? I'm super excited as it's my favorite season TBH .. I'll be rocking berry lips all the time ;)

Down sides to it :
- it can get pretty messy , no , super messy .. The dark blush got broken without even touching it and the yellow color broke as well .. Not the quality I expected

- the blush got over the bronzer the fluffy brush has super harsh bristles but I like the sponge tips

- The colors are not super pigmented but they work well with a primer 

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  1. gorgeous colours! perfect for autumn

  2. Fall is my favourite season ad these colour perfectly suits fall.