How to prepare your skin for a mask + DIY mask for clear skin

by - Saturday, August 09, 2014

First things first I want to inform you that I'm not a dermatologist or a doctor but I'm going to share a 100% natural ingredients mask that works so well

just grab a bowl ... honey .. and some cinnamon , and that's all mix them together and leave them aside until you exfoliate your skin , why ? because freshly exfoliated skin has no dead skin cells and is more likely to absorb the mask 

I prefer exfoliating naturally either with oatmeal or green tea (click here for green tea DIY scrub)

To really get all the benefits from this mask boil some tea leaves or mint leaves in water and place your face over the boiling water in a distance where the steam reaches you, this will open up your pores and make them ready to absorb the mask even more.

Now after you've done all of the above, your skin must be ready for the mask .. with a brush or your fingers start spreading the mask all over your face and leave it for some time I left mine for twenty minutes , then rinse it and apply some moisturiser and thank me later ;)

this mask is supposed to clear acne , I can't assure you because I don't have acne but if you repeat all the steps above at least  once a week I guarantee you super clear skin , good luck with your new mask , stay beautiful :)

oh and by the way I just did those steps this morning and thought I should share them with you guys I can't stop feeling my face hahah :D

@makeupforlunch Reem

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