6 simple steps to prevent breakouts

by - Sunday, September 21, 2014

 ♥♥  Preventing breakouts completely is pretty impossible unless you're a fairy or something magical , but there are some simple steps that can keep pimples at bay for quite sometime , I follow these steps and they never disappoint me .. They're just some simple changes in your skin care routine that make a big difference ..

Keep your hands away 

When you're spending your day outdoors doing stuff with your hands they surely will collect dust and stuff that I'm sure you don't want to get on your poor face ..
Those little things can move to your face and cause breakouts .

Store makeup well and use clean tools

I'm sure you heard this pretty much everywhere but seriously leaving your blushers open or storing your makeup brushes on top of your vanity means a welcome party for pimples on your face..
 Always make sure your makeup is closed really well and store your makeup brushes in a cookie jar or something closed to prevent dust from collecting on them,also clean them frequently and never use expired makeup ( see how I clean my makeup brushes )

Exfoliate and moisturize regularly

Use your clarisonic / green tea / toothbrush at least once a week to remove dead skin and get rid of excess oil but make sure you don't over exfoliate as this can make the situation even worse , remember to moisturize all the time during the day .

Never sleep with makeup on 

your skin rebuilds itself when you sleep , so anything that is on your skin will either help or damage your skin so make sure you remove your makeup completely before bed and change your pillowcases regularly I promise it's going to help

Cleanse ONLY twice a day 

Cleaning your skin regularly definitely helps keeping pimples at bay but don't ever cleanse your skin more than twice a day .. Once in the morning and once at night and never sleep without cleansing.

Mask it up
a good cinnamon and honey mask once every two weeks or something will definitely help you (see my go to mask here)

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