Beauty cravings : September Wishlist

by - Thursday, September 04, 2014

Hello everyone , It's been a while since I last posted a "beauty cravings" post .. so if you read my BEAUTY CRAVINGS SERIES then you already know that I write about three to five beauty products that I crave .. pretty similar to a whish list .
so here I'll be sharing my September wish list with you guys nothing crazy .. just four products that I need to get ..

The first product is Maybelline age rewind concealer , this concealer has a huge hype and I've been seeing it in almost all the makeup tutorials on Youtube and  I kind of liked it just from reading/watching reviews on it .. I also like the concept , I like that it has a squishy  applicator and I see that it also has full coverage so why not ?

The next product it not "makeup" but it is super essential .. it's Sephora's Spa glove AKA makeup brushes cleansing glove and it's supposed to ease up the boring brush cleansing process and I watched Dulce Candy's review on it and I kind of need it right now

Moving on to another popular beauty product as well which is Revlon colorstay moisture stain and again .. I watched a lot of  beauty gurus mentioning this in their monthly favorites videos and other makeup tutorials and I liked it's formula it seemed creamy and not drying which is perfect I should get one soon.

Last but not least I want to mention Nyx's Simply nude lip cream and as you know , you can't go wrong with a nude lip product especially if it's a jumbo creamy one I didn't see this one in tutorials or read any reviews to be honest but I feel like I need to introduce more nudes to my collection and I think this product might work well , tell me in the comments if you've tried it or if you'd like to.

And that's everything for my mini wish list .. tell me what is on your beauty wish list this month ??

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  1. Brush cleansing glove looks interesting, never seen this before.

    1. It is super handy especially if you use your bare hands to clean your makeup brushes and get super dry hands afterwards ..