DIY : Moisturizing facial mask for dry skin

by - Tuesday, September 09, 2014

♥ Hello everyone, today I have another beauty DIY for you guys ..
fall is upon us and cold weather causes dry skin ,so to help your skin stay moisturized during winter/fall all you need is oatmeal and some yogurt and let's begin...

Grab a bowl and a spoon , add some oatmeal with a little bit of yogurt and start mixing .. Spread it all over your face and leave it on for 5-15 mins .

Rinse your face and apply your skin care and go to bed , wake up with the softest skin ever and thank me later ;)
You can also use this mask on your dry patches if you have combo skin...

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  1. best affordable, DIY face mask ever! will deco give it a go

  2. I have a incredibly dry skin, so definately will try it, thank you for sharing.