Facial massage at home without gadgets

by - Saturday, September 20, 2014

 ♥♥ Facial massage is super important .. It improves blood circulation , rejuvenates and prevents wrinkles , It's something we all should do regularly for a better skin .
 ♥♥ But what if you don't have any facial massage oils or any of those massaging gadgets ?? All you need to do is gliding some honey all over your face and let's move on to the actual massage...
 ♥♥ The chart above shows you the right direction to follow when massaging your face, start with the center (the side of your nose) and then move your hands outwards to stretch the cheek area in a "U" shape working your way upwards to the temples and then move to the chin and stretch your skin slowly and gently outwards to the jawline .. now it's time for the forehead , start from the area between your brows using both hands massage your face upwards and work in a "Y" shape .. Just don't use your finger tips use the side of your thumbs and pointer fingers together .

 ♥♥ That's it go rinse your face and moisturize and your face should feel amazing .
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