How to Get a close shave with no razor bumps, itchiness or cuts

by - Saturday, September 06, 2014

We all love the feeling of smooth legs .... but when this feeling is interrupted by razor bumps .. or when your legs sting and feel itchy it's not fun trust me.

So here I'm going to tell you what I do to get the closest shave possible without all this, just follow these simple steps below.

It's optional but if you have some occasion and want to look your best just use green tea as natural scrub and rub your legs to remove dead skin cells and open up your pores for smoother legs and closer shave.

Shave in a hot showerDon't just shave anywhere you like .. shaving in a hot steamy shower is the best way to open up your pores which helps the razor glide on your skin smoothly without leaving bumps or cuts .. However when you rinse your body with cold water your hair will stand straight and your pores will close meaning that your skin is ready for razor bumps and cuts, not to mention the lovely ingrown hairs as well.

Use some shaving cream ..Now that you have rinsed your body with hot water .. message it with some shaving cream , try to avoid chemical ones especially if you have sensitive skin or better use a hair conditioner .. Whenever I find that I ran out of shaving creams I reach  for my hair conditioner , it works just as good .. Remember to massage it on your skin and get ready for the actual shave.Choose a razor with multiple bladesA razor with multiple blades will not only give you a close shave but also will shave faster because if the first blade left some hair the other one will remove it and so on..Lightly press itWhen you get to the shaving part , hold the razor from the very end and very slowly start shaving against the grain (legs and armpits) don't EVER press the razor onto your skin unless you want sever cuts and pain .. just very lightly glide it on your skin for the best results .MultitaskI like to shave when I have the conditioner on my hair so that my hair can benefit from the conditioner while I shaveOnce you're done .. dry the razor

Since the blades are made of metal .. they can rust and when they rust you can get skin infections or at least rashes so after shaving immediately dry the razor well and keep it away from water to prevent rusting

Pat dry and moisturize

Once you're done showering pat your skin dry with a soft towel and start moisturizing every single part you shaved even the down there area this will prevent stings , redness  and itchiness .. you can also use damp oatmeal as a natural moisturizer it does wonders trust me..
Change the razor regularly 
Let's say you shave daily then you need to change the razor/blades every week 

That's everything I have for now , I just wanted to correct the mistakes we all made/still making just to help somebody out there , It's really important to take care of your skin and be gentle with it .. don't rush the shave or quickly rub the towel on your skin .. the key is to be gentle ... I might also write a post about shaving down there but I still don't know , would you like to read it ??

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  1. I always multitask, shaving is the perfect time to let a product sink in somewhere else!

    Corinne x