VIDEO:How to put on fake nails without glue + How to remove them

by - Sunday, September 07, 2014

Hey babes , today I have a DIY post for you .. Because sometimes we run out of nail glue or we can't find the perfect one , I'm going to share with you my method and how I put on fake nails without glue .

All you need is your fake nails and clear nail polish with a sticky gel formula and let's get started ..

First you need to paint the nail you need to put a  fake nail on with that clear gel nail polish then immediately put that fake nail on you actual painted nail , then repeat the process with the rest of the nails ..

wait for sometime and start painting your fake nails , then don't do anything with your hands for at least an hour .. Now  your fake nails should be sticked really well to your actual nails .. I even slept with them on and nothing happened .

As for the removal part it's really easy , just grab a stick or something and start removing the nails under hot water from the base and not the tip.. just make sure to remove them in the direction of nail growth to prevent nail peeling and that's everything .

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  1. ive never worn fake nails as the only time i tried i made such a big mess! these look great though! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Actually .. it was the first time I tried fake nails :D I found that I don't have glue so I went a little crafty lol

  2. that's quite clever! i will definitely give it ago. xxx

  3. I never tried fake nails, but this looks so easy, maybe I will try them. Thank you for tips.