Makeup haul ! (lipstick,nail polish, lip glosses & more..)

by - Friday, September 26, 2014

I miss you guys so much , I haven't only posted yesterday because I was busy filming my new fall makeup tutorial which I uploaded today but it feels like forever ..

Thank you so much for your great feedback on the previous posts it means the world !

I'm really excited to show you the outcome of yesterday's shopping trip so let's jump right into it !

The mascara I got has a thick wand with lots of hairs (which is what I always look for in a mascara) it's not waterproof as it's not written on the package but it seems to work really good , I tried it yesterday when I was filming my latest makeup tutorial and it made my eyes pop that my sister thought I wore falsies haha

I fell in love with this eyeshadow at first sight ! shimmery-golden-baked looking all in one means heaven to me .. I use it wet and it looks so pretty (I also used it in my latest makeup tutorial)

I picked up two lip glosses from the same brand .. I got a very bright (almost neon) red lip gloss and it's super pigmented (I hated the scent though it's not appealing to  me) and another nude peach undertone one ..

If you know me in person then you already know that I'm all about vampy dark lips so this lip gloss was a must have to me ... It's so pigmented and I used it already in my latest fall tutorial

Glitter glitter and more glitter !! I've been on hunt for the perfect glitter nail polish for too long but I've finally found this amazing nail polish that almost looks nude (with one coat only) but also glittery .. If you follow me on instagram then you already know that I'm
 OB-SESS-ED with it ..

You know that I always save the best for last .. This reddish plum lipstick is awesome , I'm having it on right now .. It's matte of course (I HATE shimmery lipsticks) and it has a very very addictive scent , it smells like fruit and candy mixed together (in a non sickly way) even though I don't like scented cosmetics because scents can sometimes make a very good quality product a huge disaster .. But this one is perfect , even though it's matte it's not drying and even when you apply lots of layers it doesn't feel like you have tons of lipstick on and it doesn't smudge which is a win for me .. It's darker than what's in the picture, it's perfect for fall ..
tell me down below what's your latest fall purchase ;)

Ps  those babes are not international brands (local budget buys except for the mascara )

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