Makeup haul Vol.2 (brushes, lipgloss & Kylie Jenner's lip liner?..)

by - Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello everyone .. I'm back with another mini makeup haul (read the previous one here)
I guess you already noticed that I've been shopping for makeup a lot more frequently now , not only because I'm a total makeup junkie but also because I want to film and upload much more tutorials on my youtube channel and also my instagram account ..
I just want to play up with different colors and hues to know which colors can be paired together just to challenge my skills 
I've been working really hard on upgrading my channel lately and I'm seeing a lot of support from other bloggers and I just wanted to thank you so much before I start ..
 First thing I got was a fluffy blush brush which can be used for pretty much anything.
 I've been on hunt for a multitasking brush until I finally found this one ..

♥  Next product I picked was a super pigmented and creamy hot pink-ish lipgloss , I found it perfect even when I apply it alone but I hated the scent ... The good thing is that the scent pretty much fades in 5 mins or so

♥  I already intended to buy tons of different lip liners .. You guys can't imagine how much definition these liners add to a "meh" lip , I wasn't really into lip liners and I thought they were stupid TBH but when I knew how to use them I went crazy on lip liners !
When I first came across this one I immediately thought of Kylie Jenner's lips .. I know you are sick of hearing "Kylie Jenner's lips" everywhere in the makeup world (and I'm too) but let's get real, here lips are AMAZING and this lip liner has just the perfect color, I can't wait to use it in one of my tutorials .

♥  I always save the best for last and OMG this amazing round ended let's say, smudge brush ? flat brush ? whatever you call this it's just what I need currently .. the bristles are soft but firm enough to apply eyeliner or smudge a stubborn eyeliner pencil , not just that but it also can tap glitter precisely on the lid or create the perfect cut crease look besides the super adorable packaging it almost reminds me of benefit cosmetics' packaging ..
Thanks you so much for reading till the end, pick your favorite product from the ones mentioned above ;) 
I'll just go edit a new (hopefully) better quality makeup tutorial .
 My sister even created a very short intro to be displayed in the beginning of my videos and I can't wait to show it to you guys .. 

The tutorial will be uploaded as soon as I finish editing ..
Oh and please leave a comment with a link to your blog I'd love to add new blogs to my favorites Xox
Ps the products mentioned above are not available internationally 

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