My thick dark brows makeup routine (How I fill my brows)

by - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I've been getting lots of compliments on my brows a lot lately so I thought I'd show you guys in detail how I fill them in ..
I posted a very short video on instagram that shows you everything in detail which you can watch here
But if you prefer reading then here you have it
 I grab a clean spoolie and I brush all my hair upwards to accentuate the arch of my brows then I simply even out my brow hair by brushing it in one direction towards the tail except for the very inner part of my brows I just like to keep it looking natural
♥ Then I lightly feather my dark brow hairs with a small rubber mascara wand to fill empty gaps and to make them stay in place 
♥ Then I dip a flat brush in foundation and apply it precisely around my brows just when I want a more dramatic look and that's simply it  !

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