High school Chat #1 "Last year & Homeschooling ?"

by - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hey everyone , I'm really sorry for not being active the last couple of days but I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about and if you follow me on any of the social media then you already know that I've been watching Gu Family Book , sadly the ending was disappointing but the actual drama was amazing ..
♥♥ Enough talking about Kdramas and let's move to real life which doesn't seem to be so interesting especially when I realized that I'll go to school in just four days (Yes, school hasn't started yet where I live) this made me feel a little frustrated not only because I don't want to add other tasks to my to-do list but also because this is going to be the last year for me in school .. It's not that I'm going to graduate from school the year after , I'm just going to leave school and start homeschooling the year after with the help of  teachers and courses I should be able to pass the very last school year in my life which is WAY tougher ..♥♥ The fact that I'm a little lazy to go back to school and want this school year to end quickly and that I'm a little scared for the next "homeschooling" year to begin gives me mixed emotions that almost overwhelm me .. But what gives me that extra boost is the fact that in two years I'll be a college student which gives me hope to be independent  and face the world (A bit dramatic, I know) Even though I'm not sure what I want to study in college I'm still excited and I want to live for now and try my best .♥♥ Anyways , I just wanted to start a little series over here about "School thoughts/chat" just to help cheer me up during the tough school days .. I'll also try to share as much as I can to help as many people out there .. you can also share your thoughts in the comments and we can discuss our thoughts together ..♥♥ I'll be back with more school thoughts/chat posts which I didn't schedule, they'll just pop-up randomly .. I hope you like the first post in the series please subscribe to the newsletter to receive the newest posts at your email ..
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  1. Time flies, so your school year will pass quickly. Good luck.


  2. I just realized that you watched korean dramas..
    (OMG?!) (me toooo) :D :D :D

    ieyra | babysoulz

    1. Hahah :D yes I'm watching That winter, the wind blows right now :'D TWINSIES