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by - Thursday, September 18, 2014

 Hello everybody , If you are an old time reader then you already know that I've never done a tag here on my blog .. But it's sweater weather and who can resist such an awesome opportunity to write about fall related things especially that fall is my favorite season but before I start I'd like to read your sweater weather tag so don't forget to link it down below in the comments .. Now , let's get started.

♥♥ If you know me in person the you already know that I'm a huge candle junkie , there's always a candle burning somewhere in my house and I don't have a specific one that I swear by but since this is a fall tag I have a few fall bath and body works babes over here " sweet cinnamon pumpkin" and "Pumpkin sugared doughnut" and in case you don't know there is a sale going on at bath and body works so make sure you check it out here .. I'd love if you share your favorite ones with me too .

♥♥ I'm a total tea/herbal drinks addict but this doesn't mean that I don't like hot chocolate , I like to add some marshmallows on top of the hot chocolate especially in cold weather but I'm that type of a person who don't really like milk so that's why I prefer tea .. 

♥♥ I normally prefer wearing earthy hues on my eyes and I usually reach for neutrals and brown shades not to mention the vampy red lip .. So I don't do change much .

♥♥ definitely scarves, they instantly make any boring outfit a master piece if you chose the right scarf .. That chunky knit scarf is currently on my fall wish list , let me know in the comments if you'd like to see my fashion fall wish list

♥♥ I don't have a single sweater that I wear all the time but I definitely adore wearing oversized sweaters with tight leggings in cold weather I even sometimes wear my sister's sweaters when I'm staying at home , they're just the coziest and the cutest thing ever .
♥♥ Again, I don't have something specific but I definitely switch my nail polish selections during fall I like glittery nail polish / dark plum / and glossy dark red just some oldie but goldie collection nothing fancy ..

If I'm going to choose between football games and jumping in a pile of leaves I'd definitely go for the pile of leaves .. I personally don't like football
♥♥ Definitely leggings .. I find leggings super comfy unlike skinny jeans and I prefer them especially during fall as I like to pair them with oversized sweaters and big scarves..
♥♥ It's really hard to choose .. But I think I'd go for boots because they are extra stylish and can make the outfit more put together however uggs sometimes can make me look shorter and I'm already quite petite so I prefer boots especially the ankle length chunky leather ones .

♥♥ If  I have to choose ONLY one reason why I love fall it'd definitely be the slightly cold weather .. not too hot and not too cold .. It gets deadly hot here where I live in summer and even spring .. So to me , fall is a relief .
♥♥ I don't have a certain song that puts me in the mood for fall TBH I'll switch it to a movie, I like to watch disney seasonal movies they are adorable for instance last fall I watched free birds disney movie and it was amazing you must watch it if you haven't already it even made me cry


♥♥ It's so sad to say that currently it's not even a chilly summer period it's just a normal rather hot weather but hopefully a chilly rainy day will come soon ..

- Hope you enjoyed this TAG, lovelies ..  I really would love reading your TAG and if you don't have one you can comment your favorite thing about fall in the comments, we might share the same favorites ;)

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