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by - Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey my babes, I'm back with another post I know I've been away for a while but I have exams to deal with and all that jazz (I still have lol) but today I thought I would take a break and write this baby ..
When we travel, we might not want to take with us that new all in one eyeshadow palette or the new holiday set that has just been released or maybe three shades of foundation in case you catch a sun tan, right ?
Not only because we probably won't have space for all that but also because this might overwhelm us, I personally think that during vacations we don't have to worry about perfecting a smokey eye or rocking this or that trend I mean c'mon, enjoy your vacation..

So today, I'm going to share with you my top 5 makeup products you need to pack with you and I guess you won't need anything other than these 5 babies so let's start..

♥ It doesn't really matter if you bring CC or BB cream, just don't buy a completely new one that you haven't tried before.
Bring the one you always use and feel comfortable wearing, one that includes SPF would be just perfect ..
But if yours doesn't have SPF in it, it's okay because you'll wear sunscreen anyways, right?
A BB or CC cream has a lightweight feel and doesn't cover too much, just adds the right natural looking coverage you might want.
But if you need that extra coverage, bring your favourite foundation with you that offers you just the right coverage.

♥ Even though a bronzer might seem like it's not necessary AT ALL, I think it's important to bring your favourite one with you. You don't want your face to look lighter than your body when you tan, or if you don't like tanning like myself, a bronzer will give you that sun-kissed look instantly without having to burn in the sun for hours ..
Not just that, but you can also use it as a transitional colour to give definition to your eyes without having to throw that bulky eyeshadow palette in your bag.

♥ To me, mascara is my life and I'm sure that people with smaller eyes can relate to this.
I mean, on the days when I'm wearing almost no makeup on or feeling a little bit tired, I need something to help open up my eyes instantly and nothing can do it better than mascara, right ?

♥ You can't go wrong with nice glowing pink lips and not to forget that needed glow on the cheeks as well !
Just dab some lip balm on your cheeks as an alternative to both highlighter and blush. Nothing can be better than a multi-function product..
It's like three products in one 
♥ To finish off this natural simple makeup look, you need your favourite eyeliner pencil, one that you always reach for, matches your eyebrows and can stay in the water line as well so that you can fill your brows, line your eyes and create that extra smokiness for a fancy dinner or something, see? you don't need that much, right?

So these were the things I think are a must to take along with you when you travel, they will fit in the tiniest makeup bag and will never disappoint you :))
What do you think? do you need an extra "makeup" product that you think is a must have ?
Let me know in the comments below,
thanks for reading Xox

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