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by - Monday, October 13, 2014

♥ Hello everyone, today I got this eyeliner pencil and I found that there are some steps I follow every time I shop for eye pencils that really help me choose the right one, so I wanted to share those simple steps with you guys hopefully it'll help you out ..

♥ The first and the most important step is organizing your makeup in order to know every single product you own .. 
Know what colors of eye pencils you own and what's your favorite, know which one you need to restock and which you are running out of .

♥ Now you need to ask yourself "What am I going for" for example I usually prefer a twist-up creamy eye pencil for everyday liner .. 
I also might want a thin tip or a  thick tip maybe you prefer a regular pencil that requires sharpening ..
If I'm going for an eyeshadow base I'd choose a thick jumbo pencil for easier and much quicker  application .

♥ Swatching can really change your mind about a product either to the better or to the worse, an eyeliner might have a completely different color than what's on the packaging but what's even more important than the color is the consistency, if you want a specific type you should swatch it to test out it's consistency yourself..
When I was shopping today I wanted a brown creamy eye pencil so I very lightly touched my hands with it and I found that it glides on smoothly and that's when I knew it has the creamy consistency I wanted.

♥ If you want instant help, ask your friend, mom, sister ..
Tell them what you're looking for so that they can suggest some eye pencils they tried and worked for them, this also doesn't mean that you shouldn't do all the steps above when you get that suggested eye pencil ..
I'd recommend asking beauty bloggers for help .. 
Bloglovin has tons of beauty bloggers who are really nice, even if they don't know you personally they'll love to offer some help and they most likely will give you their honest opinion, I've specific bloggers who
I trust and you should find some too .

Those were my tips for you guys, I hope you find them somewhat helpful, don't forget to follow me on :

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Thanks for reading Xox

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