Clean & clear cleansing lotion

by - Sunday, October 05, 2014

 I feel like this product is a good one .. But I didn't really see much change after using it , I rinse my face with water, dry it and then with a cotton pad I apply "Clean & Clear cleansing lotion" all over my face starting from the center ..
I feel like it really goes into my skin and clean it .. But I hate hate hate it's strong chemical smell .. My skin also feel stripped and dry after using it ..I leave it set into my skin then I immediately go in with my moisturizer and the rest of my skin care products .. I know it sounds weird that I'm not sure about what it does to my skin , but I guess it's a good product that keeps oils at bay for a while for people who suffer from oily skin especially during summer..
I'm obviously not a dermatologist but I feel like this thing is going to irritate sensitive skin and  if you have dry skin it's going to dry it even more ..
I'm not sure but I'm just warning you not to apply it around the eyes since it's an intense chemical product (which I normally think twice before buying such products ) ..
As you can tell from the picture I got it for free , it came with another Clean & clear product in a bundle I bought (it's not completely free though) I'm not sure if it's sold individually or not ..

In a nutshell, I think it's a great product to use in the morning and at night with a light hand for oily skin but you MUST moisturize afterwards ..
Have you guys tried it before? if yes , please let me know your experience with it ,
Thanks for reading Xox

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