Just another feminism disaster | All about that bass song

by - Thursday, October 02, 2014

♥ I was triggered to write this post when I read Louise's post .. I want to indicate in the beginning that the song itself is great and I've been playing it over and over again , but I think it's got the same exact problem that every single "curvy/fat women empowerment"  songs have..
♥ It's a great song and it empowers other girls who have got some weight but it suddenly reminded me of Anaconda with that "Skinny bitches" thing .. Can you please for god's sake leave the  skinny girls alone ?? have you ever heard in a song "Fat bitches" ?? It's too  annoying 
People need to stop empowering some certain type of women by letting the other type down
♥ And again, it lost it's purpose by saying "the boys" and indicating what boys like .. It's like she's trying to tell girls "as long as boys are happy with your body you're beautiful" it's bullshit to me ..
♥ I'm still waiting for a song that empowers women that doesn't grow hate between them .. I'm still waiting for a song that says we are all beautiful no matter what , and we should  feel beautiful about our body and not try to please "boys" I think I'll die before hearing a song that says there are no categories in women .. We should empower each other not hate each other to feel better about ourselves ..What do you think about it ? Are you looking at it from a different perspective ? Let me know down below Xox

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