Makeup haul Vol.3 (swatches, Pigment, bright lipstick ..)

by - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hi everyone, today I went shopping for makeup and got some stuff that I want to share with you all because I always get excited about that so, let's jump right into it ..
♥ First thing I picked up was a vibrant bright reddish orange lipstick,
I've been on a hunt for a lipstick like that and I finally found the right consistency, finish and color

I love how creamy it is, it's not drying at all and not sticky, it glides on super smoothly and most importantly it doesn't contain shimmer which is the first thing I avoid when it comes to lipsticks, it's not matte though, it's sheeny and hydrating ..
♥ Next product is a super pretty and "So me" kind of product, it's an eyeliner pencil and I can use it as a lip liner as well, I love the color it's a deep super pigmented dark burgundy/plum

I think I'm going to use this as a lip liner along with other liners for my upcoming Halloween makeup tutorial for that dark lip ..

♥ Here comes the most exciting product of them all, it's the golden pigment, I loved how this looked when I swatched it.I love the crystal like packaging, it comes with an applicator(sponge tip) that has cute little heart on the tip, it also comes with a lid making it look like a lipstick but it's not in the picture, this means that it's not going to be everywhere in my makeup bag.I might also use this in my upcoming Halloween makeup tutorial, I want to try this and see if I like it just to know if I need to buy more colors ..

♥ Last but not least, I wanted to get a liquidy top/base coat that is clear and dries fast especially that I've been  feeling quite  festive with nail art lately, I could hardly find any clear polish in the store I only found colorful ones but I came across this one and I was quite scared to buy it even though I liked the consistency, I was concerned about how orange it looks like but when I tried it I found that it's completely clear and now it's sitting on my vanity along with my other nail polishes :D

That's everything I got today, let me know what was the last makeup product you bought and don't forget to check out the previous hauls,
thanks for reading Xox

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