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by - Monday, October 27, 2014

 OMG I'm nominated to the liebster blogging award by Hajara and I'm so excited to answer the questions she asked !
 Answer the question that you are sent.

♥ Nominate 10 other bloggers that have under 200 twitter followers.

♥  Ask them 10 questions of your own.

♥ Let them know that they're nominated.

Okay so I normally don't stick to just one lipstick, but I do prefer certain colours and shades I always reach for and shop for..

I like red and orange so much I prefer them over pinks and nudes. I also hate having glitter particles or visible shimmer in my lipstick but I love the sheen though .

You won't even believe it, I didn't really know any other bloggers or bloglovin, I didn't have any plans for my blog and I even named it after my first and last name, trust me it wasn't cute O.o  then I changed it to "It's Reem's tea party" then finally "Makeup for lunch" I was watching one of Chriselle's fashion videos and liked what she did so I decided to start a blog and write about that video 
!!! From there, I began doing nail art posts (as random as it sounds) with horrible pictures then I came across bloglovin when I read an interview with Aimee Song from song of style , Emily from Cupcakes and cashmere and a couple others bloggers I don't remember, it was loooong ago ..
Well, I'm a kind of a girl that shops for a "put together" outfit, meaning that I don't really care about labels/brands/logos/designers as long as the piece of clothing suits me and matches the style I feel comfortable in.
You guys already know that I'm all about fruits. I'd say my favourite drink is anything fresh, healthy and sweet, for example pomegranate juice or cane juice YUMM.

I like either big bulky ones or baggy loose gypsy ones I know I'm all over the place haha :'D
But I don't have a picture of my current favourite bag but when I do I'll make sure I post the picture on my instagram ..
This one is hard to answer to be honest, I don't want to be a certain thing actually, I want to work in fashion and makeup. I want to be a youtuber, vlogger, blogger and I want to design accessories mainly jewelery and maybe clothes ..
I want makeup for lunch to be ... A makeup brand. I know you're laughing, I saw you hahah :'D and I'm laughing too lol
one can dream *blush*
Another hard question, I mean I love A LOT of youtubers and I don't want leave out anyone but the most inspiring ones have to be Michelle Phan (of course) Dulce Candy, Shanon (AKA Shaaanxo) I love Michelle Phan specifically because her story is so similar to mine (except the part when she became a success ball lol) let's hope for the best :'D
Chocolate for lifeeee !
Iced drinks, because no matter how hot the drink is, I'm going to let it cool down and probably drink it ice-cold lol. I'm actually drinking my tea now after letting it cool down for an hour, it's so cold . I don't do it on purpose though, I usually forget to drink it !
Again, I don't have specific ones but I prefer comfortable ones that have a unique personality and I normally would go for combat boots.
So these are my answers, thanks again Hajara for nominating me .. I really liked your questions.

 ♥ What's your favourite part in your face/body ? ( keep it clean :D )
♥ Why do you blog ?
♥ Do you have someone who helps you keep going ?
♥ Where would you like to spend your next vacation ?
♥  Where do you see yourself in ten years ?
♥ What's your favourite season ?
♥ What's/who's your biggest inspiration ?
♥ What motivates you when you're feeling down ?
♥ Do you take blogging seriously or is it just a hobby ?
♥ Would you follow your blog if you weren't the writer ? why ?

Those are my questions for you, if you have followers on twitter below 200 then I nominate you as well !
If you get the chance to do it please let me know, I'd love to read your posts, thanks for reading, beautiful Xox

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