My love of cultures and traditions - personal opinion

by - Monday, October 20, 2014

Cultures and traditions always grab my attention,
I've always been interested in learning more about different places and people across the seas. What they wear, eat and drink.
How they live and the way they see the world always had me curious ever since I was a little child..
Ever since I was watching Disney movies ( I still do BTW :D) as a child, when Mulan became my favourite movie Disney movie till this day, not only because of the touching story but also because it talks about a completely different culture and introduces new traditions to me. I believe that god made us different for a reason.
I think that we should get to know different people and learn about their culture and language.
That's why I always wanted to travel around the world. Culture to me is a beautiful thing, I've never made fun of a certain culture or different traditions, I always respected them and I always will.

I think by hitting the thirties I'll be exploring the world and writing about it.
The most interesting place in the world to me is eastern Asia. I really want to visit a scholar garden to learn martial arts and reach tranquility.
Even though our cultures and traditions are so different, we all are equal and all of us should be treated the same way anywhere in the world.

One thing I don't understand is the ego some people have just because they come from a certain place somewhere in this world or belong to a certain culture ..

I know this post is so different but I just wanted to state my opinion and to write about myself a little more.
You know that I always love to read your opinions so don't forget to leave a comment below,
thanks for reading

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