When to share makeup with others and when not

by - Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hey babes, OMG I feel like I haven't been posting in forever but I really appreciate every single beauty baby who follows Makeup For Lunch  and keeps coming back over and over again.Shout-out to Bunmi from Buma's Closet and Shireen from Reflection of Sanity their blogs are so addictive, love them
Enough rambling and let's move on to the actual content..
If you have a sister or a girlfriend or just anybody who you love to share makeup with, then you need to read this post because sometimes we tend to share stuff which are not supposed to be shared.Sharing certain makeup products in a certain way can cause really bad breakouts.I know because this used to happen to me a lot when I was sharing every single product with my sister ..

♥ Foundations/concealers are a bit tricky, they come in many different forms like liquids/powders etc.. You can share a liquid foundation without worries but when it comes to stick and powder ones, things  can get super messy.
You want to make sure that your girlfriend/friend etc. uses a clean brush to grab some of the product only once meaning that she/he can't just dip the brush over and over again after using it on their face, it's just not hygienic..

♥ It seems like it's completely okay to share eyeliners and it IS actually.
But when it comes to lining the water line, that's when you should stop sharing it.
I mean you use it INSIDE your eyes sooo..

♥ You can't just share those ...  Unless the one you're sharing them with has a super clean brush and is going to dip the brush only once, you don't want annoying zits all over your lovely cheeks, don't you?

♥ Well, it depends on you ..
To me it's quite gross to share my lip products with others especially lip balms I don't really know why but what if their lips are not clean and then I pass germs to my lipstick and drink my tea for example it's GROSS to me OMG I can't even talk about it I guess I'm a germaphobe, what do you think ? please tell me that I'm not alone haha :'D

♥ Don't even think about sharing eye products with others, not only is it so gross but it's also super dangerous I mean just DON'T. I would never share any eye product other than eyeshadows/ eyeshadow primer and eyeliners, things we use externally and can't really enter the eye, you know..

So those are the main things I think we should/shouldn't be sharing with others to prevent breakouts and to keep our skin as clean as possible.
 What do you think about this post? do you agree with me ? let me know down below,

Thanks for reading Xox

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