Natragel deep hydration eye discs review + try on

by - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hey everyone 
I know I haven't written a review in so long so, I thought I'd write one today
 (even though I have finals and the struggle is getting so real U_U)

My mom works as an accountant manager in a hospital which offers botox jobs and all that jazz .. This hospital also sells lots of beauty products from different companies and most companies give people who work in the hospital (my mom included) free samples often on Saturday for some reason.
Why am I telling you this? because this product is one of the free beauty stuff that my mom got and most of the things I review  here are also free samples ..

The product is basically two gel eye pads that are enriched with green tea, vitamin E and aloe vera, so far so good? well, let's take a look on the ingredients on the back of the product ... I was reading and basically understood nothing :D but one thing made me feel uncomfortable which is "
diazolidinyl urea" that caught my attention.
I know that urea is wastes and it's not a good thing so, finding it in a beauty product for the under-eye area wasn't so pleasing.
What I did was that I googled it and found that it's a toxic substance used to preserve beauty products and protect them from yeast, bacteria and molds.
It's toxic because it releases  
formaldehyde (no, I don't know what that is either lol)
but some say that it's safe to use it at maximum concentration of 
.5% - source I wasn't also so happy about "may contain fragrance" thing because this might irritate my eyes ( it didn't ) or people with sensitive skin ..

The product has a very smooth surface and a slippery texture with a gel formula.
here's a picture of me trying it out ...

you're supposed to leave the pads on for 20 minutes and they're supposed to hydrate your eyes and help with aging. It can be used for up to four times and I suggest keeping it in the fridge for better results. I find it so refreshing and relaxing but I don't know about the aging/hydrating thing.

What do you guys think? have you ever heard about this? or even something similar to this? let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading Xox

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