The new year's TAG ? New Noobo for the new year

by - Friday, December 26, 2014

Hi everyone, happy new year to you all 
I wanted to have a little talk outside of beauty and nail art it's about the new year.
I know you might be sick of all the new year resolution thingies everywhere but did you know that last year one of my resolutions was to start a youtube channel and I did ?
So, I thought this year I'd share my resolutions with you and hopefully you do a similar post and share it with me as well...
Enough talking and let's get into it :


In  2015  
I want to :

  Be much more productive
 Be helpful and more caring
 Eat healthier and exercise more
 Care more  for my skin
 Drink tons of water (yes, you read that right)
Be more organized 
 Start doing something new (Which IDK right now but when I do I'll make sure you guys know in a separate post)
 Sleep early ( I don't know why I can't get this done .. I'm a night owl and I have to stop this :/)
 Be nice to everyone and to myself as well
 Be much more spiritual and do more yoga and meditations.

So these were my resolutions for the new year which (hopefully) I'll commit to.
I call this the new year's TAG because I'll be tagging some of my blogger friends to do it as well.

♥ There are no particular rules..  
♥ You should talk about the new year and how you feel about it ..
You must include at least three resolutions.
This step is optional but you might also tag another blogger friend to do it as well ( you may tag one or more) and let them know that you tagged them.


Shireen & Diana P. & Bunmi & Iqra & Hajara Kal

There's no way I'm forcing you or stressing you to do this TAG ..
I totally understand if you don't have the time to do it but I'd love if you did it :))

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