Clean & Clear Cleansing Bar review

by - Saturday, January 24, 2015

♥ Heyyyyyyy everyone 
OMG I miss you so much. I miss writing posts for you. Finals are ruining generations U.U 
Today I have a quick review for you guys, it's on the Clean & Clear Cleansing Bar
( Nettoyant Visage). I've been using this bar for over a week now. To be honest, I don't prefer bars when it comes to face cleansing, but I really like Clean & Clear products and I think they work really well and don't upset my skin.

Just a disclaimer, not everyone's skin type is similar and what works for me might not work for you. I'm just reporting my experience with this bar.
My skin is more on the oilier side (maybe it's hormones) but in winter I get dry patches.

For the entire finals week (and beyond) I've been using this baby before bed and right when I come back home ..
I start by removing most of my makeup with a makeup wipe then with rescue oil to melt makeup and dissolve it and then I use this bar with lukewarm water.
My skin feels so soft and clean afterwards I can't even describe.

On the days that I don't wear makeup.. I just use it alone and my skin also feels so soft but it doesn't feel squeaky or dry. However you should apply moisturizer anyway.

No redness and no breakouts, I'll continue to use it. Honestly, it does the job really well and I hope it works for you as well..
Thanks for reading Xox

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